3 Ways To Display Your Favorite Travel Photos

Think Outside The Box

There are a lot of different ways to display your favorite photos from your favorite travels around the world. You can put them in a photo album, have them set in a finely crafted frame, keep them in your wallet, or any number of things. It all depends on what moves you.

What gets you going? What inspires you? What makes you feel that certain indefinable something that helps move you forward? Don’t be afraid to be creative! What matters how things look at the end, not so much how you got there. With that in mind, following are three display ideas which aren’t necessarily traditional, but can help you memorialize your favorite times in style.

1. A PVC Vase To Memorialize Your Favorite Places

A bit of PVC pipe can be an ideal display solution. All you do is cut lengths of PVC which match the height of your photos, then carefully wrap them around, and plant the pipe in a circular holding solution; like the slot where an umbrella would usually fit on your backyard patio furniture.

Those umbrellas are notorious for being accidentally left open and ravaged by the wind. Instead of leaving the table with a hole in the middle empty, stick some PVC in there with some travel photos that match the décor of your backyard, or green room. Then round the scene out by putting flowers into the hollow inside of the pipe, and allowing them to spill over the side—as in the photo below.

flowers in vase mike turner photography
flowers in vase mike turner photography


2. Arrayed In A Perfectly-Designed Scene

Many homes will have areas specifically designed in a way which helps you remember travels, or those special occasions which deserve to be commemorated in some way. Sometimes a whole room of the house may be devoted to such presentations of your travels. If you’re going to go this route, you can avoid the reinvention of the wheel by simply finding and installing various backdrops.

Follow this hyperlink for photography backdrops and props; you can find just what you need to set up your most perfect scene. Whether urban or floral, expressive or monotone, you’ll be able to find whatever best fits your favorite travels. When you can add props as well, that allows you even greater visual definition in presentation.

3. A Chicken-Wire Partition Collage

A partition that accordions open or closed can be a great way to maximize the space in a room, dividing it up in a stylish way through semi-transparent imprinted chicken wire or colored fabrics. You can further maximize such space preservation options by making a collage of photos from your dream vacation up and down the partition, on either side.

For example, if you lived in a small one or two-bedroom apartment, you could divide up the living and dining area with such a partition, even going so far as to have either side feature a different style from a different vacation. Perhaps the side facing the window fits a green theme for the room and includes pictures of lush Hawaii, while the more beige-toned opposite side of the room features pictures from your travels through Las Vegas in the sand-strewn summertime.

las vegas holiday mike turner photography
las vegas holiday mike turner photography


It’s All Up To You

When it comes to the presentation of your photos, you definitely want to do something more than simply store them online in varying digital albums where they’re forgotten until someone you didn’t know was following you decides to randomly like one from years ago.

Instead, give some care to your favorite times. Put them up for family and friends to see, and do something more convenient than leaning a bunch of frames on the top of cabinets or dressers where children and revelers can stumble into them and break them.

In contrast, when you’re displaying photos in a scene including a backdrop, or throughout a partition collage, or supported by PVC, you have greater strength in presentation, allowing pictures to survive even in the face of Murphy’s Law. Determine what your best photos are, and what works for you. You’ve got a lot of options, there’s plenty of potential; let your imagination run wild!