ONline Photography Tutorials for Beginners

Just £15 for beginners tuition and two months access to go back over and over

    • Got a new SLR camera and want to learn how to get more out of it?

    • Do you just want to be able to get consistent results from your photography?

Our online video tutorials –

  • Are simple to understand

  • Contains graphic illustrations to help memory retention

  • Are a Step by step process

  • including everything that will help you build a solid foundation

  • Are bite sized video tutorials that can be returned to easily without searching through hours of unnecessary content

We’ve put a number of video tutorials together to help beginners get an understanding of photography. Over the years I have done lots of face-to-face photography tutorials at my studio in Lowton. It’s great to see the faces of people people that have that aha moment when understanding suddenly falls into place.

Unfortunately I can’t help people who are not located within reasonable travelling distance of the studio so I thought I would put together a number of video tutorials that will help you get a better understanding of the principles and technical aspect of photography.

The technical information is based on DSLR cameras, rather than point and shoot and prosumer cameras. If you don’t have a SLR camera or have access to one then you will not find the tutorials particularly useful. So don’t buy into it. If you do have an SLR camera, regardless of whether it is a Nikon or Canon or indeed any other make you will find the tutorials a wealth of information.

It’s hard when you’re starting out to know what you need to know and when, without confusing yourself. It’s the known unknown and the unknown unknown that we’re here to help you with. We’ve worked through the learning process for you so that you just need to follow the steps to become a more accomplished photographer.

Simply purchase access to the tutorials by clicking on the “Buy Now” button above pay the £15 for 2 months access and we will email you a link to the video page and password required. Simples