Personal Brand Photography

personal brand photography
personal brand photography

Personal Brand Photography is not the same as having head shots done, Personal Brand Photography is the creation of a set of professional images and even video, that allows your clients to see you at work in your world.

The images allow you to connect with them on an emotional level, giving them an insight into your business practices in an authentic way through the images you share with them, and that positively portray your brand.

You can share such images on your social media channels, telling your behind-the-scenes stories of your creative and business processes and whatever you do to add value for them. You can show that you care,  how you offer quality and bring love and heart into what you do as you deliver your product or service to them.

Communicate your story through beautifully captured, professional images to a market that is more demanding of the usual run-of-the-mill product shots.


We can come to your place of work 3 to 4 times a year to help you tell your story to your clients who are hungry to see what goes on behind the scenes, and allow them to get to know you better.

Headshots Photos

model headshots
headshot for personal brand photography

Although a headshot isn’t strictly personal brand photography, it can contribute to your  personal brand persona. Such images are  ideal for social media profile photos, and allow prospects to see the person behind the business isolated from any distractions.

We can provide a variety of shots, with different backgrounds, colours and tones to convey a number of emotions and narratives.

Your Sales Funnel

Use a variety of professional personal brand images on your website, providing visual cues for your content, whether it be you pointing to your latest special offer, looking down towards your blog copy, drawing attention to your newsletter signup box. If you can engage with your content, your audience and potential clients can see you in a more personable light.

Show off your passion and dedication, your organisational skills, your competency and expertise doing what you do best. Remember people do business with people, not websites, not sales funnels, not media channels, but the people behind those platforms.

Content is key and stamping your personal brand onto everything that you do, is what will set you apart, after all you are uniquely you, there is no one quite the same, so let your light shine through.

Converting to Sales

Personal brand photography allows you to be seen by clients 24/7 while you’re not even there. You can build trust as they see you in action doing what you do best, maybe conversing with satisfied clients. They are the modern testimonial, they help build your social proof.

Together we can design a set of photographs that showcase your values, your passions, your dedication to quality and imply the results you promise to deliver for your clients, new and old.

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