Generate Sales Leads 24/7

Business owners, imagine having sale representatives selling for your business 247, who can be in many different places across the internet at the same time.

What if they only cost £25 one-off fee, but never stop working for your business? How good would that be?

We can create personalised short-form videos that help promote your brand.

Content is ever more important for businesses online these days, but it can be difficult and expensive to constantly create relevant content.

It’s vital that your efforts have the maximum impact to justify the effort, and often static images and text don’t cut through the vast amount of online noise these days.

The answer to this problem is to use a combination of motion graphics, text and video in your content.

We do it for ourselves here at Mike Turner photography, some examples of what can be done are below.

We’re now offering this design service to other businesses, and a short attention grabbing single scene set up starts from as little as £25 for small businesses, hardly worth having to invest the time and effort to do them yourselves in most cases. Rates will be increasing over time, but I’m happy to let those that jump onboard early on remain on the lower rates. Please note, this price doesn’t include any photography or video capture by us. We can incorporate footage you have captured yourself within the design service. If you wish us to take photos or video there are additional charges involved.

If you’re interested to know more give me a call or email me and I’ll be happy to have a friendly chat with you about the service.

I’m happy to do one-off videos or have a longer term arrangement.

The square formatted videos will appear without the black bands at the sides when put on social media, or embedded directly in your website or view on mobile. The examples below are embedded via YouTube and sometimes these don’t appear as square (if viewing on a  desktop computer or tablet). Check out our Facbook page to see the full effect of these square adverts if they are not displaying as intended.

A great idea for invitations to your event

Some examples of what we’ve done for other businesses

We can also do social media vertical videos, ideal for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat stories.