Treasured memories captured forever – Your Wedding Photography

Wedding photography – If you are looking to book a professional wedding photographer for your special day, then look no further. Eye catching Images that look natural, contemporary and capture the days events as they unfold. Wedding packages start from as little as £680 (for limited time only), and we can provide canvases, framed portraiture, large format prints of your choice as additional purchases. We are available to work throughout the North West, Lancashire, Cheshire and UK.

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FOCUSED ON QUALITY – Wedding Photography represents the wedding story, the photographer being the story teller that brings it all to life. Using a combination of styles the photographer will capture the essence of the wedding day, the quiet moments, the humour, and of course the romance.

On your wedding it is our intention to carry out the very best wedding photography photographs you have ever had taken, It is essential to choose the right photographer for your wedding day, a photographer that is not just technically capable, but someone who is going to be by your side. It is an anxious day so the more planning that goes into the photographs the easier the day becomes. Nothing is of paramount importance than satisfying and relating to the needs of a very personal day. A good repertoire with the wedding couple and family can be the ‘make or break’ of expectations of the day. We always try to produce an informal relaxed atmosphere with plenty of fun to make the day run smoothly.

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We have wedding photography packages to suit most budgets. We find it best to arrange a viewing of our images and so we can discuss what is available and what will suit your requirements best. There is no hard sell, our aim is to make your visit with us as informative and pleasurable as possible. We also offer a free portrait sitting before the big day, and pictures can be used to celebrate your engagement or used for any of your wedding stationary if you so wish. There is no obligation to take up this option it is simply a complementary offer from us to you. Please contact me to arrange a meeting and see examples of my wedding photography at my studio in Lowton, Warrington.

A word of warning, generally when you pay less than £400 for a wedding album, you are often paying for the services of an amateur not a full time wedding photographer. Someone who does weddings for a bit of extra money at the weekend. If they are not working full time as a photographer then they are not serious about their work, and you are taking a risk using them, on the most important day of your lives. You owe it to yourself to use the services of a professional, someone who is taking pictures everyday of their lives. In the years that lay ahead, your wedding photographs will be the only thing you have to look back on. Think of it like this, what will you pay for your wedding dress, hire of the venue, the cost of your wedding car? How long will you have use of all these? one day? Your wedding photographs will be there for you to enjoy for years to come.

Unrivalled value for money offers – If you would like to use your images on your PC desktop or want to get additional images printed for parents or other family members, then you can, We provide full resolution images on CD with copyright permission both package one and two.

Wedding Photography Packages

Wedding Photography Package One – £680

80 images put onto CD and you are assigned unlimited licence to copy. This is a streamlined version of Package 2. Coverage of Ceremony and post wedding upto Wedding Breakfast. The time to get those all important family groups and those special moments between the Bride and Groom. Ideal for couples wanting to get the essential moments for the big day.

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Wedding Photography Package Two – £920

Coverage of Bridal Preparations, Ceremony and post wedding up to Wedding Breakfast. All images put onto CD and you are assigned unlimited licence to copy. This effectively means you have the images in digital form, to print and reprint at your leisure in the future.  This package can save you hundreds of pounds, compared to traditional wedding packages, where reprints can often double your wedding package costs. Remember parents will want copies and you may want additional prints for displaying in frames etc. For an additional £50 why not have your images put onto a DVD slideshow, with musical accompaniment, The is the modern way of looking at, and sharing your wedding pictures.

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We are no longer offering wedding albums as part of a package, as we find digital packages to give couples the best option and value for money going forward. We can source albums for you and charge additionally for them if you so wish but we don’t provide them as part of our standard wedding offering any longer.

Wedding Photography terms and conditions.

Please contact us for more information on 01942 519702 or email us at

Frequently asked questions

What happens before the Wedding Day event?

About 4 weeks before the event, the photographer will contact the couple to discuss the day. This will be in person if geography allows, otherwise by telephone and email. This is to allow the couple to specify the range of photos they require, provide a list of formal groups if possible, and discuss albums if required. The couple is welcome to contact the photographer at any time to ‘fine tune’ their requirements.

What preparations can I make before my Wedding Day?

The last thing you want on your mind on the big day is organising people for formal group shots. Make a list of specific people that you wish to have in your formal shots, ready for the photographer. You may want to ask somebody (often the best man, usher or master of ceremonies) who knows the guests well to work with the photographer.

When will the photographer arrive on my Wedding Day?

Attendance at an alternative venue prior to the ceremony and time of arrival at the main venue will be pre-arranged between the photographer and couple. If there is no second venue, then the photographer will arrive at the main venue about 45 minutes before the ceremony.

What is included in the price?

Attendance at all the venues where the event takes place. There are no extras. VAT is included in the quoted price. The basic service is for taking photographs at the event and supplying the finished images on DVD/CD.

How long will the photographer stay on my Wedding DAY?

The price includes attendance for the duration agreed prior to the deposit being paid. If the event is extends beyond the pre-arranged period, then an additional charge may be negotiated, or part of the event not covered.

How many photographs will be taken on my Wedding Day?

The photographer guarantees to take at least 150 images, but in reality, the number will be well in excess of this. A wide range of styles will be taken including:

  • Informal shots during the day
  • Formal shots after the ceremony
  • Photos of the couple in scenic locations

What happens after the Wedding Day event?

The photographer will create a DVD/CD of all the photographs and send this to the couple. If you are having an album, this is the stage where you choose the images for it.

When will my DVD/CD or album be ready?

Please allow a period of approx. 14 days for the DVD/CD to be completed.