Actors Headshots

Actors Headshots – The session

Your photograph is your first contact with a casting director so it is important to get an honest representation of yourself in the picture.

Many actors hate having their photograph taken, and find it quite a stressful experience as they know the importance of getting it right. So it is essential when having your pictures taken that you feel relaxed. Our sessions here at Mike Turner Photography are relaxed, photographers are friendly and put you at ease straight away, one of which is an ex actor and knows how it feels.

We will take approximately 100 shots during the session from different angles and lighting situations. You can change your clothing as many times as you like. (For advice on what to wear, see our ‘what to wear’ section)

The next step is choosing your images. If necessary, basic retouching is included at no additional cost, on the images you have selected. Digital post production can help to lessen or eliminate the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, etc.

Once completed the images you have selected are prepared to the proper resolution, they are then burned onto a CD. Alternatively you can order the selected images from the website and we will email them to you. Prints can be ordered and collected from the studio. Any prints sent by post are at an additional cost and sent by special delivery.

Mary Elliott Nelson (extract taken from “The Stage” newspaper).

Mary Elliott Nelson, in addition to her work as an agent at Grays Management (which represents Sarah Lawrie) also has wide-ranging experience of production and casting from both sides of the performer/producer fence. As such, she is a passionate advocate of the importance of getting your photos right.

“Most actors hate having their photos taken, but photos can, and do, make the difference between getting seen for a job and not getting seen. Like John, I say photos plural on purpose.

“Technology has made it possible to use a variety of pictures, easily and cheaply. The Spotlight Portfolio system makes it possible to have several pictures on the Link, so casters can get a rounded view of your look. Any actor with just one photo on Spotlight (or any other casting directory) is shooting themselves in the foot. Your photos can be updated at any time, at minimal cost. My own view on the popular colour debate is that while black and white is still best for actors in general, colour shots and production shots look great in the portfolio.

“Gone are the days when an actor could choose one all-purpose shot and use it for ten years. I cannot and would not submit a client using a picture more than three or four years old. Even if you still think you look the same, it’s disrespectful and self-defeating to keep just sending in the same old shot. Photographers’ prices have not gone up much in the past few years and a digital photographer can show you the photos as you go along. Think about what you look like when you arrive at auditions, what you want to be cast as, what your genuine selling points are from a visual perspective, and be bold with your look”.

Headshot Prices

All studio sessions include:

  • Review all images as they are taken
  • Uploading of web contact sheet in colour and B/W with email links to you and your agent on the same day
  • Images downloaded to your agent
  • Online print ordering from your client area


print size Price includes online gallery
any print to 10×8 or digital file £60 yes
2 prints to 10×8 or digital files £120 yes
4 prints to 10×8 or digital files £200 yes

Additional Services

services Price
makeup artist £60
additional studio time (per 30mins) £30


What to wear

Simple is best
You should be comfortable. Bring a selection of clothing. Think about how you want to be cast. Avoid busy patterns and clothing that clings quite tightly to you. Don’t choose anything with a high neck Textured clothing is interesting without being distracting
Make sure what you are wearing is clean, without any marks For colour pictures wear a colour that is flattering to your skin colour and eyes. Don’t wear jewellery Avoid wearing white and very pale colours


Wear something that is you; keep it more casual and relaxed, whilst suggesting generally how you want to be cast.


This needs to be a little more sophisticated, intimate and sexy without being suggestive. V-necks or open collar tops are good for this.

Remember, casting directors need to be able to fit you into a role easily so too much fuss will distract them from you.


The same rules apply really. They need to be comfortable. Bring a selection of clothing that is largely casual and that suits the skin tone of the child. Basically something they would wear on a daily basis.

Sample Profile and Gallery link

Names Interests
Hazel Turner TV, Film