family is the most important thing
family is the most important thing

We love to serve families at our studio in Leigh and have been serving the local area since 2008. Families come in all shapes and sizes with all sorts of characters at the heart of them. Families as small as two and as large as, well, many.

Great families lie at the heart of our communities and should be celebrated and treasured.

We specialise in celebrating families with photoshoots for each and every one of the family members as individuals as well as to enjoy and share together.

Our love of serving families runs deep, we love our family of relatives and friends, who include customers who we’ve got to know well over the years as we’ve seen their family grow and evolve. It’s a privilege to have an opportunity to capture those moments in time that will long be treasured, celebrating milestones, stages, and events in their lives.

I decided to write the following piece about my thoughts about family, hope you enjoy it…..

Family don’t have to be blood related, they can include friends, pets, neighbours, colleagues. It’s not about the genes we have in common it’s about the love we share. Love is what connects us, what bonds us together, what fills us up.

Family energises us because if someone else can have belief in us, we have permission to believe in ourselves.

A family can be as small as two or has big as many. If you’re alone don’t be, reach out, there are people who care. We care! Strangers are potentially family you’ve yet to get to know.

You can’t take family for granted, they are a blessing not a promise. Love and care for them, share and bond with them. Celebrate their individualism and the uniqueness of your shared connection because no two connections will ever be the same.

When we experience the loss of a loved one, it is often the things that drove us mad in life that we miss of them in death, at least it has been in my experience.

Our faults and hang ups are part of what make us uniquely us. Give them space to be appreciated in ourselves and in others, particularly family, and not just in death but in life.

Love, cherish, celebrate each other every day. Smile, laugh and remember good times shared and never forget.

family by mike turner photography
family by mike turner photography