Flash diffuser available to buy


Take photos like the pros. We have been using this Diffuser for all our wedding and portrait photo-shoots on location. Ideal for indoor and outdoor photography, now available to buy. Having used our original version for over 4 years, we have further modified and strengthened the design and machine sewn to further strengthen. We use it on and off camera and prefer it to any other diffuser we have used. Doesn’t waste as much power as bouncing off ceilings or walls, and provides a large bounce area that provides a nice soft light particularly close up. Strong and very lightweight it provides the ideal mobile diffuser solution and at a price that won’t break the bank.


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About Mike Turner

Mike Turner is a professional photographer located on Wigan, Warrington border Greater Manchester specialising in social photography. Portraits, Makeovers and Commercial photography make up the bulk of Mike's work both at this studio and on location