Having Fun with Video

I seem to have a developed a growing interest with video in recent months, not in a professional capacity but as a fun thing to do. Maybe I can use it to develop the blog over time also.

Having been a stills photographer for many years, I have an increasing interest in Video, both capture and post editing. While I am at a very basic point in my learning, I am really enjoying the learning process. I have recently done some makeup tip tutorials to compliment our makeover photography (coming soon) but used my DSLR for this.

goprohero 3 and sony vegas platinum image

Here are a couple of recent efforts (be kind) captured using a Go Pro Hero 3 and edited using Sony Vegas.

What’s the point?

The first video was done to learn how to speed up and slow down the footage using the editing software and was very easy to do in Sony Vegas.

The second was done to join different video sequences together and adjusting the volume between background music and the audio track from the original captured video. I was advised to keep the video capture sequence down to short bursts 30 seconds to 1 minute to make it easier to edit later, but having used Sony Vegas a few times now it is just as easy to split the video into shorter sequences later.

HD capture

The camera is also capable of capturing in HD, although I have not done so in the two examples above. I figured the lower resolution is ok while I am still playing around with it.


I love using the GoPro Hero 3 mainly because it is so handy to carry around with me being small enough to fit into my pocket. Unlike my Canon DSLR, which is also great to use for video capture (used in the makeup tips tutorial I mentioned earlier) but much harder to conveniently carry around.


The GoPro Hero also comes in a protective case which keeps it weather proof and water proof, so will be looking to put that to the test in future.