Wedding Makeup Tips

Our professional makeup artists who take part in our Makeover photoshoots are often asked by clients for tips and tricks used in makeup application, so we have put together some interesting content to walk you through the process. Please feel free to ask any questions (below in the comments) you may have that are left unanswered and we’ll try to give you the answers you are look for.

Melissa Hardman who was the makeup artist in the video above, has outlined, each stage of the process below.

Wedding Makeup Tips

1. Primer, Concealer and Foundation

Using a buffing motion apply a small amount of primer over the entire face, paying close attention to areas which maybe dry. If necessary hide any blemishes using a concealer of your choice. To brighten under the eyes use a highlighting pen such as MAC Prep and Prime, this will lighten the eye area where any dark circles may be lurking. Following this, apply a small blob of foundation to the back of your hand rather then directly onto your face, so that you can avoid putting too much on, making the base appear too heavy. Buff the foundation into your face starting from the center working outwards.

2. Eyebrows

Using a fine angled brush and the appropriate coloured powder, carefully fill in the eyebrows, following their natural shape using soft strokes to create definition. Set using an eyebrow setting gel.

3. Eyes

If you haven’t already, base your eyelids with a coat of primer to help the eye make-up stay in place and not smudge, this is particularly important for your wedding day as you will want to look immaculate in all the photos!

Pat on a light shimmery eyeshadow to the first half of your eyelid, using a round eyeshadow brush. Using the same brush now apply a matte brown eyeshadow to the outer part of the eyelid and up into the crease. Blend the brown into the crease using soft circular movements and a fluffy blending brush, such as a MAC 217. Line the upper lash line with a soft, dark brown eye kohl to make the eyes appear more defined, blend the kohl into the lashes to soften the look. To brighten the eyes and make them appear bigger, line the bottom waterline with a flesh coloured eyeliner. Highlight the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow to help make the eye area bright and fresh looking.

In this demonstration the model is wearing individual lashes. This may be something you could consider doing to create thicker longer lashes that appear more natural for your wedding day.

4. Contouring/ Highlighting

Dust bronzer over the areas where the sun would naturally touch, such as the forehead, the tops of the cheeks and the nose. Contour the temples and under your cheekbones using a powder a shade lighter than your skin tone, this will create shape and definition. Lightly dab on blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend up onto your cheekbones. Start of slowly and build the colour up if desired. Highlight the very tops of your cheekbones with the same powder used to highlight around the eyes, this will give you your bridal glow!

5. Lips

Prepare the lips by applying a lip primer, this will soften them and help the lipstick to stay on for longer. Line the lips with a lip pencil which matches your lipstick, to prevent the lip colour from running outside the lines of your lips. Start in the center of the lips and work outwards on both sides as this will guarantee the lips to look even. Finally apply the lipstick using a brush for precision.

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