How to Apply False Lashes

strip lashes
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Professional Makeup Artist Melissa Hardman takes us through our latest makeup tutorial: how to apply false lashes. Melissa is available for a variety of makeup assignments throughout UK

1). Begin by measuring the false lash strip against your eyelid. If the strip appears too long, trim away a couple of the lashes or however many are necessary, before the strip sits comfortably against your own lash line without poking into the corners of your eye. Then do the same with the other lash strip.

2). Next, apply a thin line of eye lash glue to the lash strip and allow the glue to become tacky before applying to your own eyelid. An example of a good quality eye lash glue is ‘Duo”.

3). Place the lash strip on your top lash line so that it sits right next to your natural lashes. By doing this it will prevent a gap from occurring and making you appear to have two lash lines. To check that the lashes are right up against your own, use the wrong end of your tweezers to lightly push them into place.

4). Finally, use a little bit of mascara to blend any of your own stray lashes with the lash strip, this will make them appear more natural.