Bonus: Inside your DSLR

Inside your DSLR camera

In this brief introduction I take you inside the typical DSLR camera and show you how light passes through the camera so that you, the photographer are able to see exactly what you’re going to get in the final photograph, compared to using your traditional point and shoot. Basic stuff here but useful to know before starting on your photography journey.

Transcript of Video

“Today I’m going to explain what’s going on inside you’re SLR camera when you press you’re shutter button.

If we look at this illustration you can see the light coming through your lens into your camera, bouncing up off a mirror into a prism and through the view finder and into your eye.

What that means is when you’re looking through the view finder you’re seeing exactly the same image as you’re going to get in the final photograph

What happens when you press the shutter is the light comes through the lens and instead of bouncing up of the mirror, the mirror actually pops up and allows the light to go passed the Shutter and straight through to the sensor and create the image.

A lot of professionals like to use SLR cameras for this very reason. They know that the image they see through the viewfinder will be the same as the one they capture when they press the shutter button.

This is slightly different to what you might be used to using in the past, the kind of point and shoot cameras that you might have used before. where have “Direct vision”, you look through the view finder and straight through the camera.

The lens is normally sat slightly underneath the view finder, so you’re getting a slightly different perspective to what you see through the viewfinder. You’re not seeing exactly what you’re lens is seeing.

If you look at the “single lens reflect” illustration on screen, you can see how the light’s bouncing around to allow you to see exactly what you’re lens is seeing, and effectively what you’re going to get in the final image.

As I said before most professionals prefer to use SLR camera’s, then there’s no guess work involved and they know exactly what they are going to get”.

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