#4 Introducing the Exposure Triangle

Part Four – Introducing the exposure triangle

When you’re starting off in photography one of the fundamental things to learn is about “exposure” capturing just the right amount of light to ensure your photographs aren’t too light or too dark. The basis of this is the exposure triangle. This video introduces you to the  3 controls that make up the “exposure triangle”.

Transcript of Video

“When we’re thinking about exposure, there’s three tools at our disposal, 3 controls on the camera that we can utilise to make sure we’re getting the correct exposure.

If we have a look at the exposure triangle, you can see on the three corners you’ve got Shutter speed, Aperture and your ISO setting.

These are the 3 controls that allow you to alter your exposure and allow you to get the right amount of light onto your camera sensor to make sure that the photograph is not too light or too dark.

We’re just going to ignore any creative thoughts you might have at this point, where you might under or overexposure to achieve a particular creative effect. We’re just trying to get a grasp of the basics so for purposes of learning about exposure we are describing a correct exposure as one that is not too light or too dark”.

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