Makeup for brown eyes and brown hair

Nicole Hatch recently helped us make the first of our hair/eye combination makeup tutorials.

When trying to create a look that suits dark hair and brown eyes, colours to aim for are, bronze, gold, deep purple, black, grey and browns.

A natural glow does add a huge effect to these type of characteristics.

First apply a primer, this will help the make-up last longer and it also helps the application to be applied smoother and more even.

Foundation can then be applied.

i used a light concealer to brighten the eye area and brow line. using a darker shade of contour powder i used this to contour the cheek bone and temple areas, to add definition to the face.

Pigments are great to add highlighting to the face, i used these on the top cheek, upper lip, nose and brow areas. This helps make the features stand out.

Usually i would apply eye make-up first, however the colours were quite light, so could be applied easily over the foundation without any powder dropping.

Apply a lighter shadow across the lid using a flat brush. Then using a round brush contour the darker powder into the socket line and follow around the edge of the eye, leaving the centre lighter. Then blend both colours slightly. Apply mascara to finish the eyes.

I like to use gel eyeliner and i find that i gain a neater finish. using an angled brush, pushing the the eyebrow gently upwards begin to apply the liner from the inner eye corner bringing the flick out. You can apply pencil liner along the water lines if you like.

For the eyebrows i used a brown eye shadow rather than a pencil, as this helps give a natural effect.

I then applied bronzer to the cheeks to give my models skin tone warmth.

Finally I used a deep purple for the lips.

brown eyes and dark hair s
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