Photo Editing

Don’t fall into the trap of chasing more and more expensive camera equipment, instead spend time and money improving your camera skills and editing skills

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“Most people think that upgrading their entry level DSLR and spending sometimes as much as $3000 for a new camera will bring their photography to “the next level”. Or they think that a $2000 pro lens will be the difference between amateur and professional looking photos.

The truth is…this is mostly a myth. Let’s take for example a Canon T4i(entry level DSLR) and a Canon 5D Mark III(Pro Level), put them on the same tripod and take the same photo (using 2 capable lenses with equivalent focal lengths) and in most situations, the majority of people you show the photo to won’t be able to see a noticeable difference. However (!), show people an expertly edited/color corrected/color graded photo and then the same photo that either came straight out of the camera or was poorly edited and people will IMMEDIATELY see a HUGE difference. If you don’t know already, most great photos you see out there have been skillfully post-processed and edited in softwares like Photoshop, Lightroom and Photomatix(HDR photos).

To me, it makes NO sense to buy more and more camera gear in the hope of taking better photos while neglecting what in the end will make the biggest difference – your photo editing know-how and skills!”

There are many photo editing tutorials online, some are better explained than others, allowed me to review their advanced photo editing tutorials. There are currently 9 tutorials to go through:

  1. Combine the power of RAW photography, Tone Mapping and Color Grading!
  2. Learn How To Create An Alien With Photo Manipulation Techniques!
  3. Turn Your Photos Into Magazine Covers!
  4. Extreme Color Grading
  5. Retouch Your Portraits Like The Pros
  6. Learn How To Create Vintage Photos!
  7. Combine Photo Manipulation & Compositing To Create A Post-Apocalyptic Scene!
  8. Combine HDR Photography & Color Grading And Get Stunning Results!
  9. Color Grading For Wedding Photography!

I found the tutorials to be in-depth and easy to follow. All the images and effects are available to use for yourself and reproduce.

When you consider the price of magazines and the rather vague tutorials contained in some of them, then’s offering is pretty good value for money, check out their sales page  to see what you get for your money. It doesn’t cost anything to have a look at their sales page for more info. My communication with the site owner was very possible and very prompt. I only recommend sites that I feel have a good offering. See if the tutorials are of interest to you before you go ahead and purchase. Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any.

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