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Get a Animated Logo for Your Video Content, Fast, Simply & Really Affordably

Mike Turner Photography: Make your brand stand out
Mike Turner Photography: Make your brand stand out

If you don’t already understand how important Content marketing is for the future success of big and small brands online then, you will inevitably discover soon enough, as your social and search results start to suffer.

According to Cisco, by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. So if you aren’t yet creating video content, you should, at the very least be making moves in that direction.

Video is fast becoming the preferred means for people to consume content, both for entertainment and information gathering purposes.

You can fight this trend all you like, but while you do so, your competitors will be serving your “potential” audience with the very content they want, the way they want it.

Video content is an investment, it is your future lead generator. Providing upfront value through the provision of content, helps to build trust and liking in your brand, two things that are essential if you’re to gain traction online.

Branding your videos, whether hosting them publicly on Youtube or Wistia and embedding in your website, or listing privately, it is essentially important to gain strong brand recognition, to that end we are providing an incredibly cost effective service for professional quality video logo animations.

For just £20 each, you can add that extra perception of professionalism to your video content, and  ensure you brand is noticed. Check some examples out below.

We’ll advise you for the best look and format for your logo. All we need is a high quality source file of your logo. We can even redraw it for you, but this would be an additional charge.

Make no mistake, video is the future, jump on board now before you start losing ground to your competitors. Drop me an email to discuss.

But just to outline how it works:

#1 You choose the design you like from the video below

#2 You send me your logo design file

#3 You drop me an email and we arrange payment via Paypal, Debit or Credit card

#4 We create your custom animated logo, using the colours in your logo etc

#5 We email the logo to you in mp4 format, all done

Help Creating Content for Your Business or Blog

Mike Turner Photography: content creation
Mike Turner Photography: content creation

Why is content important?

Being listed on search results

Content is king, or so the saying goes. But in the current internet landscape, content marketing is the BUZZWORD. The way search engines are configured today is designed to boost websites with highly valuable content. Content that is high quality, highly targeted, relevant, engaging and useful. That means the if you want to get your website listed at the top of Google search, you’re going to have to put in the effort of creating content.

Adding value

By providing value via relevant help, advice, information and background knowledge for your prospective customers and website visitors, you are allowing them to get to know more about you, your competency and expertise as well as giving them an opportunity to get to know, like and trust you.

You will be able to interact with your audience, ask them questions about their wants and needs, give them the opportunity to ask you for information, and advice, and build up a relationship with them. Doing so builds trust (transparent and authentic), allows you to prove you know what you’re talking about by demonstrating your competency and expertise. Don’t pretend to be some kind of guru if you’re not, be honest and open with them at all times. It also allows you to know what your customers want and expect from you, remember valuable content answers reader’s questions and is unique to you.

If you’re going to sell anything you have to be known, liked and trusted and creating content is one of the most effective ways to do this over the long term. However you’re not going to see results overnight. It’s a long term strategy that goes on in the background of your overall marketing strategy.

A helping hand from us

Some businesses and bloggers have difficulty producing content particularly, photography and video, but If you’re interested in using our facilities and equipment for your photography, video content creation, get in touch to discuss. We can provide somewhere for you to come and get creative, away from the distractions of your daily environment. We hire the studio out hourly, half and full days to clients.

Types of content

Figure out what’s the best medium to tell your stories on, either video, audio (podcasts), written (blog), graphics, or photography (Instagram). Here are some ideas for content..

List pages

  • Check lists
  • Resource lists
  • Lists of lists
  • News lists
  • Demonstration
  • Series


  • How-to guides
  • Researched statistics
  • Timelines
  • Did you know
  • Flow charts


  • Research
  • Trends
  • Topical guides
  • Beginner overviews
  • Downloadable guides

Live Blogging

  • Event coverage
  • Covering fast changing situations
  • Live Q&A’s

Round  ups

  • News round-ups
  • From around the web
  • Summing up events


  • Q&A for interviews
  • Q&A FAQ
  • Informal Q&A

Opinion pieces

  • Controversial posts
  • High level breakdown
  • Forecasting trends
  • Deep dive
  • New angle


  • Industry leaders
  • Innovative companies
  • Topical expert

Content formats

  • How to’s
  • Content curation
  • Case studies
  • Charts/graphs
  • Ebooks
  • Email Newsletters/Autoresponders
  • Cartoons/illustrations
  • Book Summaries
  • Tool Reviews
  • Giveaways
  • FAQ’s
  • Q&A session
  • Webinar
  • Guides
  • Dictionary
  • “Day in the life of” Post
  • Infographics
  • Interview
  • Lists
  • Mind Maps
  • Meme
  • Online Game
  • Helpful Application/Tool
  • Opinion Post
  • White Papers
  • Vlog
  • Videos – screencasts, talking heads, illustrations, graphics, film roll
  • Podcasts
  • Templates
  • Surveys
  • Slideshares
  • Resources
  • Quotes
  • Polls
  • Podcasts
  • Pinboards
  • Photo Collage
  • Original Research
  • Press releases
  • Photos
  • Predictions
  • User Generated Content
  • Company News
  • Announcements
  • Timelines

Making content interesting

Whatever medium you decide to use, and you shouldn’t just stick to one, make your content interesting, something you are passionate about, excited to learn more about (this is a must for longevity). If it’s not interesting it’s because it’s …

  • The wrong topic,
  • The wrong medium,
  • Pitching to the wrong audience,
  • Or all of the above

Make your content:

  • Informative
  • Inspirational
  • Interactive

Content should be made up of a combination of:

  • Opinion
  • Expertise
  • Information
  • Insight
  • Access
  • Passion

6 tips for content marketing

  • Fulfil a need
  • Consistency
  • Talk like a human being
  • Cannot be vanilla – take a point of view
  • Your goal – to be the best in your niche

More tips

  • Your content is your sales person but the close should happen all by itself
  • Story ideas – get as many as possible to make them interesting
  • 10 different pieces of content form one story via each of your marketing channels, Planning upfront will make it easier

How to know if your content is hitting the mark?

The best way to check how effective your content is, is by measuring engagement, such as the number of comments on your articles (if you allow comments), the number of emails asking questions, how many times your content is shared, and how long people stay on your site.

Ask people to comment on posts. Encourage comments by asking questions or asking for further comment, the original article should be considered the start of a discussion

Personally reply to comments and emails to encourage interaction and discussion, and try to respond to everyone

Put link on Facebook saying ‘ check out how many comments my latest post has got, great discussion going on here’

Illicit feedback open loops at the end of blogposts, and include surveys

Create – unique content of your own

Provide unique material about a topic, niche, industry, that isn’t being provided anywhere else. Write good content to build relationships and tell a story and make it unique. People like stories. Give it your voice, your perspective, using video, podcasts, infographics, photography and the written word.

Be different to your competitors, use your USP. Be personable, transparent, share the wealth of personal experience, and provide it in a convenient medium, such as a podcast for people on the go.

It’s okay to be controversial – give it your viewpoint and don’t be scared to express your unique opinion, as long as you don’t come over to the audience as a jerk. If you highlight a problem, provide a constructive alternative.

Document – your journey

When writing content put yourself in the shoes of someone just behind you and write what you have just learned

Chart your own progress

  • Your journey to build your business – moving your business online
  • Your progress in a new job
  • Learning a new skill – learning SEO, PPC
  • Put sale techniques into practice
  • Sell something different every day testing your sales skills
  • Be as YOU as you can be, and be unapologetic about it


Provide access, curate, provide insight about current niche trends

  • Current trends/techniques within your niche or industry
  • Software trends, that are relevant to your niche
  • Explore the topic more freely and in-depth
  • Content curation and content aggregation, where you filter good quality content for your readers, this adds value for them and saves them having to troll through low quality content
  • Do interviews with influential people in your field
  • See what others in your niche are doing, and make a decided effort to do something different
  • Write for your peers so that your content will be shared, talk about your struggles and solutions

Cover local issues

  • Real estate – local amenities, history of area – reasons why it’s good living here
  • Local relevant events

Getting creative – coming up with ideas

Write your ideas down when you have them, good ideas often come when you least expect them, so be prepared.

Find a balance between what you are interested in and what can make money. Take inventory of your personal goals and see where that overlaps commercial potential

Check PPC and popular searches to workout the latest article topics, also look at industry specific magazines, books, Facebook groups, discussing boards and see what are HOT topics.

Looking after your audience

Treat your audience as customers, make sure you provide value to them, and look after them. Don’t do it with the express goal of making them into customers, trust that doing the right thing will have positive consequences later down the line.

  •  Always reply to comments or messages
  • Say thanks
  • Use names and tag people
  • Share things – if you come across something you like share it
  • Make navigation around the site easy for your audience, people have little patience to stick around a difficult-to-navigate website
  • Decrease page load times w3 total cache and CDN content delivery network
  • Get rid of annoyances on site such as pop-ups and distracting ads
  • Surprise audience – give something for free
  • Include transcript with podcasts or video speechpad.com
  • Use high quality audio and video
    • Heil PR40 microphone
    • DSLR camera
    • We provide studio and equipment hire, so drop me an email for more information 🙂
  • Invite participation – reader challenge, ask for opinion, calls to action – get people involved
  • Get personal – infuse your personality and life to get deeper connection
  • Provide unique content such as provide case studios, experiments, income reports etc
  • Proof read content before you post it (do as I say, not as I do).
  • Remember who you are and who you’re serving
  • Always over deliver


So there it is, content is so important for any business, big or small, in the modern day  internet. Start creating, and producing content that helps your audience get to know, like and trust you. Build relationships that start remotely and progress to lasting value exchanges. Build your Brand in your prospects mind, by engaging over and over with them. Without this interaction, you’re nothing but a commodity with no discernible value that can’t be taken from any of your competitors.

Drop me an email if you would like find out more information about our studio, equipment hire. Ideal for businesses, and bloggers alike. We have lighting, high quality DSLR camera equipment for photography and video, backgrounds and studio space. Ideal to fuel your creative juices. Please share this article with anyone you think will benefit from it.

Interesting Things…



Rocks are hard objects we don’t think of as bendable in any sense of the word, and yet Spanish artist José Manuel Castro López has found a way to manipulate stone so that it appears soft and pliable. His stunning sculptures don’t even look real, as the rocks he carefully crafts are full of impossibly awesome twists and folds. Simply looking at his work makes you question everything you think you know about rocks.


Live life the way it was intended, look up from your phone, you don’t know what you’re missing…

Amazing 3D art


Creative Genius

I admire any kind of creative talent, it’s what adds texture to life in my opinion. The creative genius of some individuals just blows me away with their obvious dedicate to perfect their craft. One such person I recently came across is Heather Rooney  who is just an amazing artist, check out her Youtube channel by following the link in her name. This is just a taster of the amazing work she does.

This is Heather’s tribute to the late, great, Robin Williams using Prismacolor colored pencil drawing and recorded using time lapse photography. Truly inspirational to watch the image created in front of our eyes, I am sure you’ll agree.

Prismacolor colored pencil drawing