Clothing ideas for your Portrait Photoshoot

If you’ve been wondering what to wear for your upcoming photoshoot, there’s a couple of things to keep in mind. Make sure all those participating in the photoshoot are comfortable with what they are wearing.Being uncomfortable during the shoot will translate onto the photographs, so make sure clothing fits well.

Also if someone is particular conscious of a particular body part, say for instance they don’t want to show their arms off, then wear clothing that will cover the arms to aid the photographer. We won’t be able to cut your arms out of the photos, so covering is the best option in this scenario.

If there is a group of you having your photographs taken together, try to ensure you coordinate both the style and colours, so that they go together as a group. Having someone dressed formally, while someone else is dressed casually won’t look right on the final photographs. The same applies to colour, think about what you want to see on your walls. for instance bright greens mixed with dark purple will look odd visually. As a rule of thumb neutral colours look best, but rules are made to be broken sometimes.

We have a few ideas for you to look at below, if you have any additional questions regarding clothing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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