Halloween Photoshoot Fun

halloween photos by Mike Turner Photography Warrington, Wigan, Manchester
halloween photos by Mike Turner Photography Warrington, Wigan, Manchester


Celebrate Halloween and come to Mike Turner Photography and enjoy a one of our Halloween photo shoot experiences in Lowton, Warrington, or if you can’t find the time to fit it in before Xmas, why not buy one of our Gift Vouchers, and enjoy it anytime in the coming year. These photo shoot Gift Vouchers are also ideal to buy for family and friends as a Halloween gift.

If you’re thinking of buying a photo shoot for yourself, then Halloween is the perfect time to have it done, and have something to display on your walls in time for the upcoming Xmas festivities. We can provide unique wall art, framed, on canvas, acrylics the options are endless. We also provide digital file options.

Halloween photo shoots can be for your family, children, babies, and even pets, or a combination of all of these. We recommend you get in touch with us, and discuss your requirements, we will be more than happy to advise you on the best solution for your needs, with no obligations on your part, we’re here to help.

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The angry ghost of Joshua Rigby, a Lowton farmer is said to be seen running down the quiet Sandy lane on dark nights. Mr Rigby was known to be a cruel man particularly to his elderly sisters. He would often boast about his wealth in local public houses and taunt his nephews that they would not get their hands on it after this death. He was persuaded by his nephew John Gibbons to make a will in case he go to prison for cruelty after being caught beating his sister with a belt.

In the June of 1883 he signed his will, leaving everything he owned to John, just a few weeks later Joshua with found with his throat cut in this bedroom, on further investigation John Gibbon was found in possession of this will and bank book.

He was arrested and an inquest was held at the Jolly Carter Inn, at the top of Sandy lane.

John Gibbons was committed to Liverpool Crown Court on suspition of murder, after two doctors gave evidence that a blow from his heavy boots could have caused Joshua’s head injuries and a long grey hair was found in the seam of the accused’s boot. However the trial feel apart and John returned to Lowton after serving two months in prison.

The gruseome goings on remained the main topic of conversation and speculation for months and were covered by the local press.

For years after that, however, many people reported sightings of the old man’s ghost stalking the lanes and fields around the farm – it is often seen by the late night customers of the Jolly Carter Inn.

Sources “Ghosts of Leigh” by Cyril Ward and Memories of Lowton by Richard Ridyard.