Fashion Makeup Tips

Our professional makeup artists who take part in our Makeover photoshoots are often asked by clients for tips and tricks used in makeup application, so we have put together some interesting content to walk you through the process. Please feel free to ask any questions (below in the comments) you may have that are left unanswered and we’ll try to give you the answers you are look for.

Leah Richardson who was the makeup artist in the video above, has outlined, each stage of the process below.

Fashion Makeup Tips

fashion makeup tutorial steps1. Eyebrows

Using an angled brush and powder of appropriate colour, shape and define the eyebrows.

2. Eyes -Primer

Prime the eyes using a foundation or concealer, this gives the eye shadow a base to bond with,

3. Eye shadow

Use a medium shade eye shadow to emphasise the placement of the socket line. Then work back into the socket line with a darker pigments, not taking the pigment as central as the previous colour. this deepens the socket line and builds up layers of colour. Apply the darkest colour pigment, focusing mainly on the very outer corners of the eyes. For a well blended effect, always use circular motions when applying eye shadow.

4. Eyeliner

Using a fine brush, sweep the liner across the eye. Start with a thin line of which you can build thicker. When applying liner to the inner corner of the eyes, always get the model to look outwards as this opens up the inner eye allowing you to apply with ease. To apply liner to the water line, always allow your model to blink whenever needed, this will stop a watery eye from running down the face, this could ruin base make up if previously applied. Work in small sections to prevent irritation.

5. Foundation

When applying eye shadow, excess pigment falls from the brush and eyes and down onto the face. By applying foundation after the eye shadow has been done, this stops the falling pigment from clouding the foundation and creating a muddy effect which can appear as bags under the eyes.
Start central with the foundations then work outwards. Apply a layer of foundation then buffer into the skin using a strong circular motion.

6. Contouring

Using a medium shade powder, work into the face from the temple down onto the cheekbone, again working in circular motions. Using a darker powder work back into the face in more specific areas. Work the product into the face underneath the cheekbone, the temple, the hairline and if necessary the nose, chin and jaw line.

7. Under eye

Although you can use any colour for a smokey eye, for this fashion look the chosen colour which was previously used in a 3rd layer of the eye shadow was a purple pigment. Using the same chosen pigment, work into the lash line wight he colour then blend outwards.

8. Lip Liner

Using a liner that will match the lipstick of choice, create the shape of the lips using small stokes like sketching with a pencil, this makes the line more accurate than trying to create a full line in just one stroke. Fill the lip with a rough layer of liner, this encourages lipstick to stay on for longer.

9. Lipstick

Apply lighter coloured lipstick onto the insides of both the bottom and upper lip. Using a darker colour, work into the outside of the lips, meeting the the lip liner. Using small flicking strokes, blend the darker lipstick into the more central lighter lipstick.

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