Enjoying the Garden

garden photography

We’re enjoying the weather while we can, great to be able to sit out in the garden on a very warm and sunny August day. I just wish we had more of these kind of days in the UK. Hazel is a keen gardener and has certainly got green fingers. So while I sat in garden I thought I would capture some of the wonderful colours we have around us, hope you enjoy them too.

Making sure the light is coming from a direction other than from your camera position provides more interesting image, otherwise it can appear somewhat flat, which isn’t particularly appealing. A good rule of thumb is having the sun at between 45 – 80 degrees to your camera position and the subject you are photographing.

Get an interesting composition, I prefer close up shots myself as you can see. Using a shallow depth of field helps to blur the background, I was using f5.6 for this shot. This isn’t a macro lens so I couldn’t get particularly close to the flowers and achieve focus, but I used the zoom to fill the frame more.

I would love to know which image you prefer and why

flower image

flower image

flower image

flower image

flower image

purple flower taken in garden

photographing flowers

pink flower photography

white flower photo taken in the garden

purple flower photo in the garden

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