Run a Facebook Competition and get more customers

run a facebook comp graphic

  • Encourage more likes for your Facebook page,
  • Increase your customer base,
  • Engage with your community,
  • Create buzz and chatter about your brand

All good reasons to host a photo competition on your Facebook page.

We can do all the integration for you, while you just sit back and reap the benefits. Drop me an email for further information. £60 for 2 week competition…you can’t go wrong.

I increased my page likes by over 100 within 48 hours, 300 overall, booked in 10 sessions from the competition. You can further boost your competition by promoting it using Facebook’s ‘Promote post’ paid service and aim it at your target market or/and use Google’s Adwords to boost traffic to your page. Both these methods involve investing a little bit more capital, but can significantly boost your competitions visibility. I have used both to get more eyeballs on the competition, which hopefully sells itself once people arrive at the page. You can promote either through a daily budget or lifetime (of the competition) budget, from as little as you like. We would be happy to advise you what has worked for us in this respect.

Our aim is to help photographers by providing solutions that equate to profit, that can be easily measured for ROI. We want to build long term relationships with other photographers for the mutual benefit of the industry. Please get in touch with me if you are interested.

Below are some pointers about what is important about running your own Facebook Competition.

facebook photography competition points graphic