Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

This is a sped up version of the original video which can be found here if you prefer.

Professional Makeup Artist Nathan Lewis shows you how to do smokey eye makeup. Nathan is available for a variety of makeup assignments throughout UK and is based in Manchester. Smokey eye makeup is a popular choice of clients who come to enjoy our makeover photoshoot experiences, so we thought you might like to find out how it’s done by the professionals.

For the smokey eyes

  •  To begin, cleanse tone and moisturise models face. As we are using dark colours for the eyes, I tend to complete the eye makeup prior to the application of the base/foundation.
  •  Apply a lid primer (I used Smashbox photo lid primer) this will allow a longer lasting eye shadow and a more even application.
  •  Using three shades of eye shadow, a pale cream, a grey and a charcoal (MAC) I firstly applied the lightest shade all over the lid. I then used the grey (medium colour) to contour the crease of the eye lids. This will give a blended out effect when the darkest shade is applied.
  • Finally using the charcoal colour, apply a layer over the base of the lid making sure it meets the grey eye shadow for a blurred effect). Also blend some charcoal shadow underneath the eye to widen the look of the Smokey eye.
  •  Apply black pencil liner to the bottom waterline. (Lancome)

The best brushes to use for the eyes are a large flat eye shadow brush, a crease brush and a loose crease brush (I used a mixture of Smashbox and Givenchy)

For the face

  •  Use a primer for the base.
  •  Apply a layer of foundation.
  •  Use a concealer or a lighter foundation to contour the lighter parts of the face to contour.
  •  Use a powder to set the makeup.
  •  Using a contour palette with shades of browns contour the cheekbones and nose area.
  • Finally you will need to fill in the brows; I used a blackup brush with a Smashbox powder palette.

Brush wise you will need a foundation brush, powder brush and contour brush and angled brow sculptor.

 For the lips

I used a blackup M17 lipstick with a matte finish.

smokey eye makeup steps

smokey eye makeup tips
Finished smokey eye makeup
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