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What’s the Perfect Gift for Anyone you Care about?

gift ideas

If you’re anything like me you struggle to find fresh ideas for gifts for the people in your life that matter most. You’ll know how easy it is to opt for the predictable choices such as flowers, chocolates, and perfume/aftershave, and if you’re a dad, socks seems a favourite.

While all these gifts have their merits, they don’t exactly shout originality.

So what combines the best aspects of gifts like flowers, with gifts like going for a meal at a fancy restaurant?

Well let’s first look at the type of gifts available and the benefit they offer.

Flowers are for sure a classic gift choice for mums, daughters, sisters, and partners, less so for the men in our lives. They bring beauty to our homes in the form of visual and smell stimulation, but only for a few days or a week, if we’re lucky, then they’re gone. Plants are a more long term solution if you’re looking to extend the shelf life of your gift. A typical bunch of flowers can set you back £30 – £40, plants are usually in the £10-£30 range.

Chocolates are another option open to you, but if you’re looking to spend a decent amount on close loved ones, then you’d have to buy a lot of chocolates for even a modest amount like £30, and most of us wouldn’t welcome having to eat through £30 worth of chocolate would we? Chocolates are a consumable gift so by their very nature aren’t a long term solution.

If we want to buy a gift that the recipient can keep for years to come, jewellery, or electronic items like phones, game consoles, TV’s and the like come to mind. But these will usually set you back a few hundred pounds at the very least.

Now another increasingly popular option is not to buy physical products like we have mentioned above, but instead opt for experience based gifts. Experience gifts are all about doing the things we might not do or have not done before but we fancy trying out. They are outside our normal daily routine.

Experiences vary from adrenaline fuelled pursuits like hot air ballooning and race days to more sedate pursuits like pamper experiences.

So which is best? Do you go for the product based gifts, and if so, consumable or keepsakes? People have so many possessions these days do they really need more stuff? If not then how about experience based gifts? Would they rather crank up the heart rate and jump out of a plane or pretend to be the next Nigel Mansell or would they prefer to have a more relaxing time at a spar?

Well how about combining the benefits of an experience with those of a product based gift, and not just a generic product but a personalised one? Well I am delighted to be able to offer you such a prize.

Our Photoshoots Gift Experiences are just what you’re looking for. A fun experience: having a professional photoshoot in a purpose build studio and a print keepsake from the session to keep for a lifetime memento of that personal experience.These shoots are great for the family to enjoy, for the kids, even for the pets in your life.

having makeup applied by our professional makeup artistOur Makeover photoshoots are even better with a professional hair and make-up styling session prior to the shoot, which is an experience in itself, and again you get to keep an image as a keepsake, all included in the gift. These experiences start at the special price of £49, which in the context of the other possible gifts options discussed above. is a bargain in our opinion and in the opinion of so many of our clients.

Check the range of photoshoot gifts here. They are available as gift vouchers so you can give the recipient the voucher on their birthday or whatever occasion you’re buying it for, and they can book at their own convenience, and with no expiry dates on vouchers, they don’t have to rush to get it booked in either.

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Professional Collage of your images – Get them displayed with pride!

3 or 4 in one collage
3 or 4 in one collage

Ideal for:

  • Family holiday photos
  • Wedding photos
  • Photo-shoot images (either done with us or as long as you have the digital files and copyright permission)
  • Pet photos

Have you lots of digital images sat on your computer, doing nothing? If so why not get them printed on a large collage and hung on your wall. We can create a one off collage print for you to put in your own frame and enjoy for years to come for the incredible price of just £30 including design and printing and delivery costs. if you would like a larger version say 20×16 that’s just £50. Bigger versions are available on request. The print will come ready for you to put in your own frame. Either call us on 01942 519702 or email at info@miketurnerphotos.co.uk providing your telephone number and we’ll call you (UK only).

satisfied customers
satisfied customers


Have you purchased images on disc from your photo session? If so why not enjoy them in a 16×12 inch collage print for just £30. Or even bigger at 20×16 inch for £50. We will make up the collage for you using the images you originally purchased and get it professionally printed. Payment can be made over the phone by calling the studio on 01942 519702

vintage photoshoot

If you have your own holiday images or wedding photos in digital format and would like to take advantage of this great offer then same applies, just an incredible offer to take advantage of. Please note the logo can be replaced by an additional image if you like.

wedding photo collage
Get your wedding images printed out into a large collage of memories
family photo collage
Family memories are just the best to display with pride
collage illustrations (10 (3)
immortalise your furry friend in a stunning collage

collage illustrations (10 (4)

collage illustrations (10 (5)