Vampire Makeup Tutorial

vampire makeup effect
Finished Vampire makeup


vampire makeup
Finished Vampire makeup

Vampire makeup tutorial by Nicole Lambert

Firstly I prepared the skin with a cleanser toner and moisturiser prior to the makeup application. I then prepared my model with a cape and clipped the hair back away from the face.

I always start with the eye makeup first because if any extra product drops onto the face it is easier to clean up and doesn’t ruin the foundation base. i will apply a small amount of propose in Prague from the sleek vintage romance palate using a small eye shadow brush. Appling all over the lid and blending out towards the eyebrows. Then with the same brush I applied a Christian Dior show mono eye shadow in087 black over the lid, blending out towards the eyebrows and concentrate on getting depth and colour on the lid, flicking outwards away from the eye. Then with a mac super slick liquid eye liner in black I applied a thin line across the top of the lash line, creating a small flick at the end of the outer corner of the eye doing the same for the bottom lashes. Then with a thin eye shadow brush I smoked out the eyeliner with the same black eye shadow, creating a smoked effect. Then for the lashes I applied a thin coat of Estee Lauder sumptuous bold volume lifting mascara in black to the top lashes using a disposable mascara wand. While that was drying I prepared the false lashes using a duo glue and applied to top lashes. (Trim down to size if needed).

I then used a mac eye pencil in duck for the eyebrows, using an angled flat brush to blend inwards and create a nice shape. Then with another small angled brush I applied a small amount of mac concealer in nw15 under the eye brow to give some highlight.

For the face I used a small amount of smash box photo finish primer all over the face with a flat foundation brush, then all over the face I used Dior air flash foundation, I sprayed directly onto the models face also blending with a small stubby foundation brush. Creating a flawless finish. Settling with a mac loose powder. Gently going over with a Dior skin pressed powder in nude tan, applying with a large powder brush. Then for the cheeks I used a mac Sharon Osbourne refresh powder applying with an angled blush brush, also using a small amount of the Dior eye shadow on the top of the cheeks to add a bit of gaunt and spooky to the makeup.

For the lips I used both illamasqua in pristine and mac viva glam Rihanna frost to line the lips and blend them both together.

I then applied a small amount of mould life arterial blood to both sides of the mouth, to give the vampire look.

I will curl the hair with large curling tongs and backcomb to make it look big with lots of volume.

I am creating this vampire look to make it look glam and girly. This makeup is something for the less daring and someone that wants something subtle.