Witch Face Paint Tutorial

Make-Up Tutorial step by step guide for witch face paint by Makeup artist Emily Burns-Young

witch makeup

witch makeup

What you will need!

  • Green face paint
  • Purple face paint
  • White/Grey face paint
  • Black face paint
  • Red face paint or cream
  • Four different size brushes from small to large.

Step by Step Guide


  1. Make sure all the hair is pushed back and secure with a hair band or a bobble
  1. Using the purple face paint, apply to the cheeks, middle of the forehead, down the middle of the nose and the chin area
  1. Apply paint to the eye brows, scruffy them up. Add strokes upwards making the prolonged and hairy looking
  1. Fill in the smile lines using the black paint then softly smudge out using your finger
  1. Using the small brush add lines to the face using black face paint, gently apply the paint to were natural lines would form as the skin ages, scrunch the face too were the lines are in need be
  1. Using the eye brows as a starting edge (closest to the nose) draw to triangles, face each other but not on line giving the illusion that the nose is wonky. To make the eye look more hood from the same point drawn a triangle over the eye lid for depth and definition, repeat on both eye.
  1. With faint lines follow most of the black thin lines with the white/grey very lightly to add highlight to the face paint making it look more like life and real